Palace of the Silver Princess Remix

Palace of the Silver Princess Remix

Click the cover to download the PDF!

Click the cover to download the PDF!

Filed in the 'I'm Bad at Self Promotion' category, here's something I contributed to that came out a little over a month ago: the DIY remix of Palace of the Silver Princess, only it's not that exactly, instead... 

I worked on this at the beginning of the year, contributing work on pages 36 - 41! 

It was a great deal of fun to work on those pages. Despite working without talking to each other, the whole thing came out pretty well!


Do check it out! I had some great company, too. Here's the rest of the author list: 

Kelvin Green
Daniel Dean
Anthony Picaro
Jensen Toperzer
Logan Knight
Kiel Chenier
Patrick Stuart
Scrap Princess
Ken Baumann
Zak Sabbath

Tom Fitzgerald
David McGrogan
Zzarchov Kowalski
Barry Blatt
Natalie Bennet
James Maliszewski
James Edward Raggi IV
Trent B
Humza Kazmi
Ramanan S
Reynaldo Madrinan

...and here's a couple of new monsters I added to the adventure... 

New Monster: Terror Gnomes

Terror Gnomes are what you get when a bunch of already evil and wicked dark beings enslave another race and torture them over thousands of years. They have long since become their own race and freed themselves from the tyranny of their former owners. Indeed, the Terror Gnomes committed genocide when they freed themselves, destroying their previous captors to the last in horrifying ways. They now resemble ‘gnomes’ only in their small stature. Terror gnomes live their entire lives in subterranean tunnels, only coming to the surface in raiding parties to find valuables left behind in abandoned places - particularly abandoned places that connect up to their own network of caves.

Terror Gnome raiding parties are away from their home for such long times that they form family units within the raiding parties. Both male and female terror gnomes take on the care and feeding of their young, and they often have young with them. Thus, when fighting a Terror Gnome raiding party, there is a 5% chance each individual gnome may be carrying an infant in a sling, and a 20% chance one or two of the party’s members are juveniles.

Terror Gnome Raider: HD 2; AC 5 [14]; Atk 1 Bite (1d6) and weapon (1d6 short sword); Move 9; Save 16; CL/XP 2/30; Special: None.

Terror Gnome Raiders: HD 1; AC 5 [14]; Atk 1 Bite (1d6) and weapon (1d4 dagger);Move 9; Save 17, CL/XP 1/15; Special: None;

New Monster: Scrollnado

The magic in the area is chaotic and always in flux. When battle begins, a number of the scrolls and parchments on the floor kick up into a whirlwind of terror that lashes out without care as to which side it attacks.

Treat the Scrollnado like another combatant in combat. When its turn comes around, there’s a 50% chance it’ll attack the party members, and a 50% chance it’ll attack the monsters. Roll 1d10 on the table below to see what spell the Scrollnado casts. Each time a spell is cast, the scroll for that spell disintegrates, so mark it off the list.

Once the Scrollnado is out of spells, it’s effectively ‘dead’, and no longer poses a threat. When the main combat (that is, the fight with the monsters) ends, the Scrollnado loses power and falls to the flower (it only comes to life with adversity). If the party members wander out of the room and leave the door open, however, there’s a 25% chance the Scrollnado will leave the room and begin roaming the dungeon. In that case, add the Scrollnado to your wandering monster table.

Roll 1d10:

  1. Magic Missile
  2. Fireball
  3. Lightning Bolt
  4. Sleep
  5. Monster Summoning II
  6. Web
  7. Charm Person
  8. Darkness
  9. Hold Person
  10. Slow
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