How Google+ Failed ConTessa's Online Conventions

Back in November, Google+ rolled out a new 'Preview' of Google+. It featured a new layout, and a new focus on collections and communities, but it removed dozens of features common to G+. Features had been disappearing little by little for a while, but this changed presented some rather enormous changes. The worst of which, and what ultimately may do in ConTessa's ability to hold online conventions, was that they removed Events entirely.


I just returned from North Texas RPG Con, where I ran my first face-to-face convention game. I used a dungeon made using the prototype of a 'random dungeon' set of tables I've been working on for a little while. 

The game was fun, the company was excellent, and they even made it to the end! There's very little that I'd change about the session, but there are a few things... which just means I'm going to have to run it again some time!

The First Random Dungeon Tournament Drop Table

I couldn't get drop tables out of my head all weekend, so Illustrator and I spent some quality time finalizing the first of the random dungeon tournament drop tables. This allows me to roll 6 tables with one roll, and since I'm using a full compliment of 7 dice, that's 42 rolls in just one drop table. It's really letting me build a detailed random dungeon generator without the tediousness of rolling over and over and over and over...