The Worst Best 90′s Sci-Fi Movies Ever

Jun 6, 2012 by

I’m in the very early stages of designing a system neutral game setting based around this magnificently awesome futuristic WoD MUSH I ran years ago when I lived in San Francisco. I spent weeks writing out all of the history, and plotting out the entire map. It was awesome fun, and now I want to go back and update the history and retell the setting using acual modern mapping software and commissioned artwork rather than just text.

I’m thrilled beyond belief and kind of going through a brainstorming phase on what should be there, what to write, and how to flesh out what I remember. Plus, thanks to watching Buffy, I’m totally in a 90s frame of mind.

So, without further ado …. the worst best movies ever when it comes to inspiration for an awesome dark future underground city named Purgatory.

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